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Continuous and Pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter
Continuous and Pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter PM1610 / PM1610-01 / PM1610A / ..
Ecotest CARD
Ecotest VIP
Ecotest VIP personal radioactivity detector. Made by Ukraine, English version. ..
Electronic dosimeter
Electronic dosimeter РМ1605 The New electronic dosimeter PM1605 is an ad hoc solution fo..
Gamma Radiation Dosimeter for Civil Defence and Emergency services PM1610B
PM1610B Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter for Civil Defense and Emergency services The PM161..
Gamma Sapiens
Gamma Sapiens intellectual gamma radiation detector Geiger Counter (Radiation detector) ..
Gamma-neutron detector
Gamma-neutron detector Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) PM1703GNM is a device which co..
New SOEKS-01M 2014 Dosimeter
  Second Generation of SOEKS 01M (2014). Radiation Detector Geiger counter Dosimete..
Personal Combined Radiation Detectors / Dosimeters
PM1703MO-1BT Personal Combined Radiation Detectors/Dosimeters The PM1703MO-1BT instrumen..
Personal Compact Dosimeters
Personal Compact Dosimeters PM1604A and PM1604B The PM1604A and PM1604B models by Pollim..
POLISMART II - Radiation Detector for iPhone
Radiation Detector POLISMART® II PM1904 Gamma detector POLISMART® II PM1904 i..
RadFlash II - Mini Radiation Detector (USB-Size)
Gamma Detector PM1912 RadFlash®II RadFlash®II is a highly effective gamma radiation dete..
Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz)
PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator The PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator combines the utility of ..
Soeks Defender Geiger Counter
New Model 2013! NOW AVAILABLE! IN STOCK! Dosimeter “Defender” – Geiger Meter ..
Soeks Ecotester 2-in-1 Geiger Counter + Nitrate Tester
Ecotester SOEKS 2 in1: NITRATE TESTER and RADIATION DETECTOR  The Ecotester ..
Soeks Impulse Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Indicator
New Model 2012! NOW AVAILABLE! IN STOCK! Measures EMF Radiation at home and o..
Soeks Quantum Professional Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector
Newest 2014 Model SOEKS Radiation Detector Geiger Counter Dosimeter Quantum! Profession..
SOEKS-01M Radiation Detector
Latest Version 2013 1.2L! English, German, French Languages.  Radioactivity indica..
STORA (Gamma, beta radiation radiometer-dosimeter RKS-01) PURPOSE OF USE Measure..
STORA-TU (Gamma, beta radiation radiometer-dosimeter RKS-01) PURPOSE OF USE Meas..
Survey meter
Survey meter PM1405 Survey meter is a high quality device for measuring X-ray and g..
Terra (Professional Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector)
Terra (Professional) dosimeter-radiometr MKS-05 for professional use. Made by Ecotest, Ukrain..
TERRA Dosimeter (Radiation Detector with Bluetooth)
TERRA with Bluetooth channel (Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05) for professional use   ..
TERRA-P Dosimeter (Household)
Terra-P dosimeter radiation detector geiger counter radiometer by Ecotest, Ukraine ..
TERRA-P+ Dosimeter
Terra (Professional) dosimeter-radiometr MKS-05 for professional use. by Ecotest, Ukra..
Wearable Gamma Radiation Detector
PM1603A / PM1603B Wrist Gamma Dosimeters Polimaster's PM1603A and PM1603B Wrist Gamma Do..
Wearable Gamma Radiation Warning Device
Purpose of use Detection of the increased levels of gamma radiation and their estimation ..
X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeters PM1621M
PM1621M X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeters The uniquely designed and highly e..