Survey meter

Survey meter
Survey meter Survey meter Survey meter Survey meter
Brand: Polimaster
Product Code: PM1405M
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Survey meter PM1405

Survey meter is a high quality device for measuring X-ray and gamma radiation in the range from background level to 100 mSv/h(10 R/h). Just open the special screen-filter and choose beta radiation flux density measurement mode and the device analyzes the intensity of the contamination of surfaces of diverse objects around.

The compact size and light-weight device is very effective in searching, detecting and localizing gamma and beta radiation sources. The search process is steered by audio and light signals in proportion to the intensity of the radiation rate.

Another upgraded modification of the instrument is available by individual order. It has the added feature of measuring the ambient dose equivalent (DE) of gamma and X-ray radiation and α-particles flux density (surface contamination level measuring).

Product features:

  • Simultaneous and selective measurement of the gamma and beta radiation intensity;
  • Audible and visual alarms at the levels, exceeding user preset threshold values and in the radiation source search mode;
  • Non-volatile memory;
  • PC communication via USB interface and the ability for networking instrument with automatic data collection into a server based centralized database;
  • Indication of the battery discharge level;
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

The unique PM1405 user software lets you connect and network up to three hundred instruments into the information system. Additionally it enables to carry out direct (software local mode) or remote (software remote mode) control, monitoring and information collection from all connected РМ1405. The user software performs continuous radiation control along with transfer of the information from the instrument to a client PC (local mode) and server PC (remote mode).


The PM1405 user software enables:

  • Early warning about probability of radiation contamination.
  • Higher work efficiency of radiation control services personnel, first responders, employees of security service and customs, as well as personnel whose work includes solving problems of local gamma and beta radiation sources detection or single objects contaminated by gamma and/or beta radiation sources (for example, to determine radioactive contamination of banknotes, scrap, etc.).
  • Transfer of information about radiation situation on the controlled area or object in online mode;
  • Creation of automatic reports about control efficiency during the detection of radioactive contamination by beta and gamma sources;