Why Use Dosimeter?

Why Use Dosimeters


Dosimeters are designed and engineered to measure your accumulated ionized radiation exposure. Dosimeter Shop is a preeminent leader in the industry, and one of the highest-level authorities on radiation detection.


The truth is, many household items produce radioactive particles. From smoke detectors to lantern mantels, watches, camera lenses, jewelry, rocks and minerals, pottery, and furniture, all kinds of radioactive particles can be found in the home.


Having a Dosimeter Shop dosimeter product can help you measure your level of radiation exposure over a certain period of time. But, more importantly, understanding what kind of radiation is in your environment, and having a device that can detect such radiation is important.


Radiation – an Imminent Threat to Your Health


Gamma rays and x-rays are two of the most dangerous types of radiation, and you have probably heard of each type before. Gamma rays are often referred to as cosmic radiation, and they can be found in space as well as uranium and other elements found in the earth. X-rays are more commonly used in the medical field, and they are used to quell cancer cells, and see inside the human body.


Alpha and beta particles are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they are more commonly associated with the artificial production of radiation. Alpha radiation comes from positively charged atom nuclei, and beta radiation comes from it negatively charged atom nuclei.


Dosimeters – The Cure to Your Radiation Worries


Dosimeters, radiation detectors, and Geiger counters from Dosimeter Shop can detect, track, and identify particles from either nuclear decay or cosmic radiation – as well as track samples over a longer period of time, so you know if exposure to radiation in your environment is going up, going down, or remaining the same.


Most dosimeters are capable of taking readings in under one second, can perform continuously for weeks at a time, display readings in a multitude of formats, search for radiation and provide timestamps and more. The design of the devices themselves includes rechargeable batteries for ease-of-use, and audio, visual, and text alarms when changes in radiation are detected. Plus, with Dosimeter Shop, most all dosimeters come with a two-year warranty guarantee.


Protect  Yourself and Those You Love – Get a Dosimeter


Protect yourself. We live in an incredibly health conscious society. But health goes beyond what we put in our bodies, and how we exercise. We are reaching an era where the environment around us is going to play a larger and larger role in our overall health. Make sure you are equipped with the right technologies and devices that can help you stay aware of radiation in your environment.


Dosimeter Shop has been an empowering customer with the most revered brand-name dosimeters, radiation detectors and Geiger counters in the industry.


Radiation and Health Safety


In our world today, we have more radiation in and around us than ever before. Radiation has always been inherent in our atmosphere ever since the formation of our planet. However, there has been a massive uptake in artificially produced radiation in the production of modern technologies, medical x-rays, microwaves, nuclear power plants, and other common sources.


The problem is, this kind of radiation exposure can be devastating if not dealt with correctly. Nuclear power plants release more radioactive gases and liquids into the environment, even if under controlled conditions, than ever before – which is why this is such an important issue.


The Danger and Effects of Radiation


The proliferation of radiation can cause an increased risk of cancer development in our bodies. Worst of all, this is not a risk that we take on simply by being around radiation. As exposure is prolonged, the risk for developing cancer becomes greater and greater. 


Radiation is commonly found in water, which is why radioactive waste and other forms of radiation have been known to contaminate and permeate sources that are needed to sustain life. If you ingest radiation through either food or water, the radiation will manifest immediately in your soft tissues and organs – as it will use water as a conduit. This will increase your risk of developing cancer, mutation within our body's cells, and immediate physical harm.


That's why Dosimeter Shop is empowering people everywhere with a compelling range of dosimeter products, from Soeks to Ecotests, portable dosimeters, Polimasters and more.