Travel to Japan

We've been getting an overwhelming amount of enquiries lately regarding the disaster in Japan, especially from concerned travelers. 

The good news is that all of our dosimeters can in fact be used to detect gamma radiation anywhere in the air, and even in the food and water. This is especially concerning given that radiation is most dangerous when absorbed in the body, either through food you eat or water you drink. The internal organs, unlike our protective skin, does not react quite well when exposed even to low levels of radiation, and the consequences can be tragic.
Our recommendations to you:
For the typical traveler, our recommendation has always been the standard Ecotest Terra (Professional Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector)
Terra (Professional Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector)
It's the standard version, without bluetooth, and comes with 2 Geiger Muller Tubes for greater measurement accuracy, instead of 1 like the yellow version.
For those on a budget, we'd recommend the SOEKS-01M Radiation Detector
SOEKS-01M Radiation Detector
It's simple, easy to use, and just works. No hassle whatsoever.
Most of our equipment are portable and lightweight, and would fit easily into a carry bag. 
However, for those that prefer something more trendy, Polimaster offers 2 interesting devices:
POLISMART II - Radiation Detector for iPhone
This iphone accessory can be plugged into an iPhone, and you can measure the radiation levels directly from your iPhone. Note: you will need to download the Polismart app from the appstore. It's completely free!
Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz)
The Polimaster Radiation Detector Watch can be worn just like any other. The sensor will work passively in the background, and alert you whenever it detects abnormal radiation levels. The battery lasts for over a year.