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Continuous and Pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter
Continuous and Pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter PM1610 / PM1610-01 / PM1610A / ..
$870 USD
Electronic dosimeter
Electronic dosimeter РМ1605 The New electronic dosimeter PM1605 is an ad hoc solution fo..
$1,020 USD
Gamma Radiation Dosimeter for Civil Defence and Emergency services PM1610B
PM1610B Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter for Civil Defense and Emergency services The PM161..
$860 USD
Gamma-neutron detector
Gamma-neutron detector Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) PM1703GNM is a device which co..
$4,150 USD
Personal Combined Radiation Detectors / Dosimeters
PM1703MO-1BT Personal Combined Radiation Detectors/Dosimeters The PM1703MO-1BT instrumen..
$1,850 USD
Personal Compact Dosimeters
Personal Compact Dosimeters PM1604A and PM1604B The PM1604A and PM1604B models by Pollim..
$950 USD
POLISMART II - Radiation Detector for iPhone
Radiation Detector POLISMART® II PM1904 Gamma detector POLISMART® II PM1904 i..
$550 USD
RadFlash II - Mini Radiation Detector (USB-Size)
Gamma Detector PM1912 RadFlash®II RadFlash®II is a highly effective gamma radiation dete..
$515 USD
Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz)
PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator The PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator combines the utility of ..
$880 USD
Survey meter
Survey meter PM1405 Survey meter is a high quality device for measuring X-ray and g..
$699 USD
Wrist Watch Gamma Dosimeter РМ1603B
PM1603B Wrist Gamma Dosimeters Polimaster's PM1603B Wrist Gamma Dosimeters are mini dime..
$960 USD
X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeters PM1621M
PM1621M X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeters The uniquely designed and highly e..
$870 USD