Portable Personal Nuclear Dosimeter

Portable Personal Nuclear Dosimeter
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Product Code: Bosean FS600
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The detector is designed to monitor X-ray, Alpha γ-ray and Beta β-ray. The detecting mechinism is an energy-compensated Geiger counter (hereinafter referred to as GM tube), which is characterised by accurate measurement and high range.This product uses a 32-bit microprocessor and is equipped with a 64*128 dot matrix LCD display, which is simple to operate and has a strong anti-interference ability. The equipment provides an audible alarm, and the alarm threshold is continuously adjustable. When the alarm threshold is reached, an alarm is issued to remind the staff to pay attention to safety.The main counting indicators of the instrument comply with international standards.



1. Nuclear radiation can detect X, β, γ Ray.

2. Trend graph, Particles sound, Alarm sound, Display sound.

3. Built-in Geiger counter, which is characterised by accurate measurement and high range.

4. Measure the dose rate real-time, and record the cumulative dose at the same time.

5.The dose rate alarm threshold and dose alarm threshold can be continuously adjustable and arbitrarily set.

6.Can view the start date of the current cumulative dose.

7.Have dual alarm functions of dose rate and dose value.

8. With buzzer sound alarm function.

9.When the radiation dose rate exceeds 10mSv/h, it has a blocking warning prompt function (display 999MAX).

10.Built-in memory, the accumulated dose value, dose rate alarm threshold and dose alarm threshold data will not be lost after power off.

11.Continuous monitoring of battery power, Low battery reminder function.

12.With real-time dose rate curve display function.

13.Screen backlight ON/OFF function.

14.Particle sound ON/OFF function.

15.The external Type-C interface can be used for power supply.



Material: ABS
Color: Black
Detectable species: Beta, Gamma, X-ray
Sensor type: G-M tube
Energy range: 50kev-1.5mev less than 30%
Relative intrinsic error: less than plus or minus 10%
Sensitivity: 80cpm / μSV / Co-60

Measuring range: 0.1μSv/h~10mSv/h
The maximum dose equivalent rate: 10mSv/h
Voice source: real particle sound / alarm sound /mute
Alarm threshold: 0.5 (Adjustable)
The use of ambient temperature: -25 ~+45℃
Relative humidity: less than 95%
Power supply: 3 * AAA battery (Not included) or USB cable (included)
Item size: 116 * 60 * 25mm
Item weight: 145g / 5.1ounce
Package size: 160* 60 * 25mm
Package weight: 160g


Packing List:
1 * FS-600
1 * User Manual

1* USB cable