RadFlash II - Mini Radiation Detector (USB-Size)

RadFlash II - Mini Radiation Detector (USB-Size)
RadFlash II - Mini Radiation Detector (USB-Size) RadFlash II - Mini Radiation Detector (USB-Size) RadFlash II - Mini Radiation Detector (USB-Size)
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Gamma Detector PM1912 RadFlash®II

RadFlash®II is a highly effective gamma radiation detector as compact as a USB. The efficient device is indispensable for people bearing risk of radiation exposure at workplace or in general.

The device is user-friendly and very simple to operate without the need for any special training or knowledge. .

The main distinctive feature of the Gamma Detector is that all the devices are integrated into the global geo information system of radiation monitoring Flash Radiation MonitorTM.

RadFlash®II  is a uniquely designed radiation detector that enables monitoring of radiation level in a particular region on real time basis and simultaneously observe the radiation measurement of other RadFlash®II users as well.

Each user has access to geographic information system of all RadFlash®II devices to detect the radiation environment.

The accompanying software is technically very sound and transmits the measurements of the radioactive background into a global system of radiation monitoring called Flash Radiation MonitorTM and displays them in Google Maps.

RadFlash®II performs the following functions:

1. Continuous and independent control of individual radiation dose that has been accumulated and instant alert about radiations exceeding the threshold levels

2. Continuous monitoring of environmental radioactive background and at once alarms the user about the potential zone of dangerous gamma radiations


RadFlash®II can be operated in 2 modes:

  • Autonomous operation mode
  • PC connection mode (Desktop computer or notebook)


Autonomous operation mode:

  • Gamma radiation detector continuously measures ambient Dose Equivalent (DE) and ambient Dose Equivalent Rate (DER). When DE or DER threshold is exceeded and also when battery is low  RadFlash™II alerts by means of Independent LED Alarm.
  • Automatic recording and storage of radiation measurements are also carried out (up to 500 DE and DER positions).

PC connection mode.  The device functionality is that of a professional dosimeter.

  • DER and DE instant read-out;
  • DER and DE thresholds settings;           
  • date and time display;
  • history of measurements;
  • access to the radiological geo information system.

The device is endowed by a built-in long life rechargeable battery with a capacity of 500 hours. Charging can be done quite conveniently via USB.

The small-size, sturdy frame and easy manageability are hallmarks of the popular Gamma Detector RadFlash®II. The RadFlash®II lets you effectively manage the radiation dose in the environment and safeguard against harmful repercussions.