Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz)

Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz)
Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz) Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz) Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz) Radiation Detector Watch (Swiss Quartz)
Brand: Polimaster
Product Code: PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator
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PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator

The PM1208M Wrist Gamma Indicator combines the utility of a gamma detector and the stylish looks of Swiss quartz watch. Fashioned elegantly, the device is equally effective in monitoring the radiation levels in the environment and alerts the user with an audible alarm. It is of considerable advantage to professionals exposed to radiation in professional sphere as well as anyone conscious of health hazards.

The PM1208M performs the following functions:

  • Continuous monitoring and measuring of the ambient gamma dose and dose rate;
  • User alert of hazardous situations with an audible alarm;
  • Recording and storing data for up to 500 events in its non-volatile memory;
  • Transmitting all recorded data via an infrared channel to a PC for further processing and analysis.

The Swiss-made RONDA 763 with quartz movement makes the watch a reliable and accurate device. The steel case is water resistant and sturdy to be used in water of depth up to 100 meters (328 feet). Additionally, the watch comes with an electroluminescent backlight making it effective in darkness as well. 

Furthermore, the PM1208M has a non-volatile memory that can store up to 500 events. The stored data can be effortlessly transferred to PC via infrared for further evaluation. Polimaster’s proprietary PC software enables user to customize settings by using the IR channel.

The PM1208M is substantially energy efficient and can operate non-stop for the whole year with only one CR2032 battery.

The efficacy of a radiation detector is determined by its warning systems and PM1208M scores high on this parameter. The small size dosimeter is highly recommended for professionals exposed to radiation sources. It’s noteworthy that radiation background increases substantially at high-altitudes; therefore, Polimaster recommends the PM1208M wrist gamma indicator to frequent air travelers as an essential safety precaution.